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Hypnotherapy, the mind/body connection and fertility

Traditionally, western medicine has seen the mind and the body as two entirely separate things. Modern neuroscience, however, is now revealing that the two are connected more tightly than ever believed. It is now understood that every thought you have produces a chemical change in your body. Just think about the ‘butterflies’ sensation you get when you are excited or terrified. Or the way your heart seems to skip a beat when you’re in the first flush of love. Or the way you feel sick and faint on hearing terrible news. All are physical reactions to thoughts, feelings or emotions.

Just a thought?

We spend the first 18 years of our life being told that getting pregnant will result in trouble. We spend the next ten or twenty praying not to get pregnant as we get our lives and careers on track. Then, suddenly, we do a complete 180° in our thinking. Is it any wonder our bodies get confused?

Negative emotions and fertility

It’s the effect that negative, unhealthy thoughts and emotions have on your health that are important for understanding the mind/body relationship to infertility. If you’ve ever had to deal with intense stress or worry, then you’ll know how it can be physically draining. It can sap your energy and drag your health down with it. The hormones that are released when we are stressed put all our non-essential-to-immediate-survival functions on the back burner. They divert blood from our reproductive, digestive and neurological systems towards our heart, lungs and limbs.

Infertility and stress

Our bodies were designed hundreds of thousands of years ago. They evolved to cope with short periods of stress (to help us escape from sabre-toothed tigers), but not prolonged periods of stress (caused by modern problems such as unpaid bills, work overload and relationship problems). Chronic stress can upset the body’s natural balance of chemicals. This can lead to ill health and even the complete suppression of the menstrual cycle and anovulation. So, it makes sense that we care for our mental health in the same way that we have been taught to care for our physical health. For more science on stress, infertility and fertility, click here.

For research into negative emotional states and their effect on fertility, please click here.

Unresolved stress and negative emotion on fertility

What we are finding now is that problems and issues that have been affecting us for many years that have not been adequately resolved, can continue to have an effect on this delicate balance too. It has been seen that unresolved and unexpressed emotional and psychological stress has physiological consequences that may hamper the effectiveness of fertility and fertility treatment. The journey of hypnotherapy for fertility, or hypnofertility, is designed to help you to overcome these issues, resolving past traumas and stresses, helping you to find the physical, mental and emotional health your body needs to be prepared for conception, pregnancy and birth.

Hypnotherapy to resolve stress and negative emotions

Stress and a chronic imbalance of the autonomic nervous system due to negative emotions are predominantly resolved through the regular and consistent practice of relaxation. Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective means of triggering the relaxation response and restoring the level of balance essential for reproduction to occur.

The very diagnosis of ‘unexplained fertility’ is the medical community’s way of saying that there is nothing pyscially wrong that is getting in the way of conception.  If the physiology is not the problem, then we need to look at the mental and emotional realms to determine whether the cause of the infertility might lie there – James Schwartz, The Mind-Body Fertility Connection 

For research into negative emotional states and their effect on fertility, please click here.
Interesting articles on infertility and stress can be read at Psychology Today, and The New York Times.
Fertile Body Method founder Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer writes about stress and infertility here.


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