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Hypnotherapy for IVF fertility treatment (Colchester Essex Suffolk)

Hypnotherapy for IVF and ART support

If you have decided to try IVF or any other assisted reproductive technology (ART), then hypnotherapy for IVF and fertility treatment could support you through that process and improve your chance for success.

If one more person tells me to relax…

We’ve all heard stories about childless couples who decide to adopt and then fall pregnant. Or about couples who after several failed IVF cycles conceive naturally when they decide to give up. After coming to terms with not becoming parents and leaving behind the stress of invasive medical procedures, they finally relax – and then conception happens naturally. But if you’ve been trying to conceive for some time now, you’re probably ready to punch the next person who tells you that all you have to do is relax. Because when you have to try hard to relax, relaxing becomes one more thing to feel stressed about.

Fertility expert Dr Alice Domar reviewed 14 major studies into stress and IVF conception rates.
In ten of the studies, the more anxiety and depression a woman expressed before IVF treatment, the less likely they were to get pregnant. In one study, the most depressed women experienced half the pregnancy rates of the least depressed women.¹

How hypnotherapy for IVF can help you

If you’re going through IVF, hypnotherapy can help you to achieve a deep level of relaxation that could significantly reduce your stress levels. Research has shown that being relaxed during medical procedures can improve success rates. Feeling depressed before IVF has been linked to lower success rates too. Hypnosis could help you feel more positive about about the treatment.

Hypnosis for IVF and fertility treatment can help you to prepare mentally, physically and emotionally. It can assist you in making lifestyle changes or eliminating any fear you have of needles or other medical procedures. Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy techniques I can help to reduce your anxiety about miscarriage, and teach you how to cope better with an unsuccessful outcome.

Hypnotherapy can equip your with the courage and confidence to make decisions about fertility treatment that might otherwise seem overwhelming.

In a study of 185 women undergoing IVF treatment, half were given hypnosis during the embryo transfer stage. 14% of those that did not get hypnotherapy became pregnant compared to 28% of those that did, effectively doubling the success of the IVF. The research leader, Prof E Levitas, suggests that the stress of the medical procedure causes the uterus to contract, which can prevent successful implantation of the fertilised egg. Find out more here.

At what stage should you see a hypnotherapist?

Hypnotherapy for IVF and ART can be tailored to each specific stage of the process to enhance the effectiveness of the medical treatment. Post-procedure, hypnotherapy can be used to help you remain calm and positive no matter what the outcome.

It would be ideal if you are able to schedule your sessions with me to begin a few weeks before you are due to start treatment. This allows you to reach the best possible place mentally, emotionally and physically before you undergo any procedures. It also gives us time to resolve any underlying issues that come up during therapy. However, if your treatment has already begun, there is plenty that we can do to help give you the best possible outcome.

In a study by Dr Alice Domar, women with at least one failed IVF cycle behind them who had depressive symptoms before continuing IVF treatment experienced a 13% subsequent pregnancy rate, in contrast to a 29% pregnancy rate in women who did not have any depressive symptoms between IVF cycles.¹

What hypnotherapy programme is right for you

I offer a three-session plan for ART (not including IVF), which is ideal if you have already started treatment and can be used to support all medical treatments from dealing with the effects of fertility drugs to egg donation.

For IVF (including ICSI and GIFT), I run a four-session plan and a full IFV plan. The four-session plan is for those who have already started the treatment or are just about to, and is designed specifically to support the procedure. The full IVF plan is a more thorough approach, and consists of six or more sessions to fully prepare you for the treatment, enhance your chance of success during the treatment, and support you whatever the outcome.

In 1994 Drs Philip Quinn and Michael Pawson studied a group of women aged between 26 and 42 who had each been diagnosed as infertile for an average of 3.5 years. Each woman was given approximately nine hypnotherapy sessions.  65% of the women went on to have successful full-term pregnancies following their treatment, despite their infertility diagnosis.²

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¹Domar, 2002, cited in “The Mind-Body Fertility Connection: The true pathway to conception”, James Schwartz 2008
²Quinn and Pawson, 1994, cited in “The Mind-Body Fertility Connection: The true pathway to conception”, James Schwartz 2008

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