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The Fertile Body Method: Hypnotherapy for fertility and beyond

The Fertile Body Method is a mind-body approach to fertility. It acknowledges the importance of working with fertility problems in a holistic way. The Fertile Body Method provides the structure for our sessions to assess which hypnotherapy for fertility techniques will give you the best results for your individual needs.

There are six stages to the Fertile Body Method. These are outlined below. Not everybody needs to work through every stage, and depending on your individual circumstances we may spend longer working in certain areas.

The Fertile Body Method and your fertility journey

During each stage, I will use hypnosis to guide you through techniques that have been specifically developed to achieve your goals. This could be simple relaxation sessions, work at a deeper level to resolve emotional issues, or teaching you self-help tools to continue your journey between our sessions.

The six stages of hypnosis for fertility with the Fertile Body Method


The first stage is to determine the desired outcome for the hypnotherapy treatment. This includes setting the goal, gathering information and determining the best possible course for treatment.


The second stage of the treatment addresses your current mental, emotional and physical state by restoring balance to internal and external factors that may be affecting your overall wellbeing. This may include addressing negative self-talk, stress levels, diet, lifestyle and other environmental factors. The main aims of this stage are to stabilise you, build your self-strength, develop your inner resources and increase your feelings of wellbeing.


Once greater psychological and emotional wellbeing has been established, the third treatment stage addresses any unresolved issues that may be preventing you from becoming parents. Important issues may include addressing fears, resolving past traumas, or dealing with sexual or relationship issues. During this stage of treatment we may work with issues such as previous terminations, miscarriages and stillbirths that have not been fully processed and integrated.


The fourth stage of treatment works specifically with the conscious and unconscious mind to enhance fertility. This is predominantly achieved through visualisation, guided imagery and mental rehearsal.


The fifth stage is focused on preparation. This preparation could be for pregnancy, birth or parenthood. It also includes mental, emotional and physical preparation for any medical treatments such as IVF.


The sixth stage aims to support you and help maintain the changes you have made. This could be working with you if conception does not occur, the pregnancy results in a miscarriage, IVF fails or a healthy pregnancy ensues. Irrespective of the outcome of treatment, this final stage offers support and guidance. 

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I offer a bespoke hypnotherapy for fertility service in the Colchester, (Essex) and Ipswich (Suffolk) area.
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