• Hypnotherapy for fertility (hypnofertility) in Colchester Essex and Suffolk

    Find physical, emotional and mental balance. Learn how to relax deeply and encourage success naturally.

  • Hypnotherapy for IVF in Colchester Essex and Suffolk

    Increase your chances of success, feel more relaxed
    and decrease side effects from fertility drugs.

  • Hypnotherapy for fertility (hypnofertility) in Colchester Essex and Suffolk

    Use positive thoughts and banish limiting beliefs
    to create physical change and be more fertile.

  • Hypnotherapy for infertility (hypnofertility) in Colchester Essex and Suffolk

    Cope with an infertility diagnosis better and stay
    optimistic about the future, no matter what you decide.

  • Hypnotherapy for fertility and preparation for parenthood (hypnofertility) in Colchester Essex and Suffolk

    Prepare for conception, pregnancy and parenthood.
    Support at every stage and for every eventuality.

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Hypnotherapy for fertility in Colchester, Essex and Suffolk

with Victoria Ward

If you're struggling to conceive or having problems carrying a pregnancy to full term and nothing seems to be working for you, then you could be ready to try a new approach. Hypnotherapy for fertility could:

Increase your chances of conceiving naturally
Improve your success rate with ART/IVF
Help you to deal with the negative impact of an infertility diagnosis
Help you to cope throughout your fertility journey
Help with the negative side-effects of assisted reproduction

I believe that with any health issue, we should always try the simplest, safest approach first before advancing to more complicated, stressful and expensive interventions. Hypnotherapy for fertility is simple, safe and considerably cheaper than IVF or any other ART procedure.

Hypnotherapy can double IVF success rates, and increase chances of a natural conception by 50%*

"You're stressing about it too much, just relax and it'll happen."
"Just calm down and let nature take its course."
"You're trying too hard."


If you've been trying to get pregnant for more than six months, you've probably heard comments like these so many times that you're ready to scream. Trying to relax and not stress just becomes another thing to stress about. Add that to the stress of not knowing if you'll ever have a baby, the stress of parents eagerly awaiting grandchildren, the stress of the financial cost of fertility treatment, the stress of suddenly seeming to be surrounded by babies everywhere, the stress that trying to conceive puts on your relationship, not to mention the everyday stress of work and life - trying to get pregnant is a stressful time. But could stress be the very thing that is affecting your ability to conceive?

Is infertility purely a physical condition?

Modern medical methods of helping with infertility only address physical problems. But when the most frequent diagnosis for infertility in women is 'unexplained' - meaning that the doctors can't find anything physically wrong - it is absurd and unacceptable that the search for answers should stop there.

As scientific studies increasingly reveal and understand the connection between the mind and body, so some alternative therapies that treat this connection are producing better results than drugs and medical treatments.

What lies beneath: the power of the mind

I believe that infertility is not simply a physical issue, but that stress, emotion, fear, anxiety, trauma and belief all play a vital role in creating conception. Hypnotherapy for fertility can help with natural conception and support assisted conception. Whether you're a man or a woman, and no matter what part of your fertility journey you have reached, hypnotherapy can help you to face the next step with courage and confidence.

"What we do know now is that when stress-reduction techniques are employed, something happens in some women that allows them to get pregnant when they couldn't get pregnant before." - Dr Allen Morgan, Shore Institute for Reproductive Medicine
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How I can help

How hypnotherapy for fertility can help with infertility

Whether you are trying to conceive naturally
or with assistance, and whatever your own particular infertility issues are, find out more about how I can help here.

What is hypnotherapy?

Visit this page to read more about how hypnofertility hypnotherapy for fertility can help to increase your chances of conception and of carrying your baby to full term.

ART/IVF support

I run programmes specifically tailored towards working with you if you are trying to conceive with assistance such as IUI and IVF (including ICSI and GIFT).

How hypnotherapy can help

Every day, modern neuroscience teaches
us more about the mind/body connection.
Find out what this means for fertility and
how hypnotherapy can help here.

Research and evidence

If this is the first time that you have encountered hypnotherapy for fertility, you will be amazed at the clinical evidence supporting its use. Read more about the studies here.

Why choose Victoria Ward

Find out more about my training and qualifications here, and learn about my commitment to helping you achieve your
dream of becoming a parent.

My hypnotherapy for fertility (hypnofertility) and cognitive hypnotherapy clinics are held in the Lexden area of Colchester, conveniently located for Chelmsford, Braintree, Kelvedon, Clacton-on-Sea, Sudbury, Ipswich and Manningtree.
I offer a bespoke hypnotherapy for fertility service in the Colchester, (Essex) and Ipswich (Suffolk) area.
Victoria Ward also has a practice offering hypnotherapy in London Harley Street.

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- Anaïs Nin

"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

-Wayne Dyer
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